How to secure my routers ftp site

I have setup a home network with an shared usb drive on my router. One folder on the drive is an internet accessible ftp site to exchange photos with family far away.

The rest of the share is for the house to use to put files that they want backed up. I run ViceAVersa for that. When new files appear on the share they are backedup to a local drive of the same type. There are 10 years of photos, videos, iTunes, copies of files from other USB drive that need to be saved are also on this drive.

Additionally, I have an SC101 netgear with work stuff on it. But half the computers in the house don't use it because Win 7 is not supported.

So how to get virus protection on these drives? Norton 360 only scans local drives.

It doesn't even recognize the SC101 drives to scan.

I don't have a "server" and don't need one right now. I just need a antivirus scan for these networked drives.

Geeky Momma
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  1. Can't you map the drives to a drive letter and then scan that drive letter?
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