X79 sabertooth cant enter bios

Hey guys, i have a problem with my latest x79 platform.Almost everytime when i want to enter ASUS UEFI bios i hold down the delete button but i never enter my bios.I always skip past through it and just boots up like normal.Been trying that like 100 times either by rapidly pressing del button or holding down the delete button but i am never able to enter bios.And dont tell me i am hitting the wrong button on post it says "press del to enter UEFI bios"

system specs.
cpu: i7 3930k C1
mobo: aSus x79 sabertooth
gpu: zotac gt520
Ram: 16gb gskill (only 4gb being installed i will install the other 12gb later on my motherboard)
psu: Seasonic 860 platinum
case: antec 600
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  1. I had the same issue after updating the bios. Pressing F8 opens the boot options menu. From there if you select "Enter Setup" you should get into the bios.

    I also re-updated the bios and the delete key is working again.
  2. I built my system yesterday and after 1104 bios i can not get in to bios menu, i will try this .
    Thanks i called support and they have not found a resolution.
  3. ^To all most of the time it's 1 of 2 reasons :
    1. Using a non-USB 2.0 port (use the BLACK USB 2.0 @ I/O
    2. Incompatible USB Keyboard (try a different Keyboard or a PS/2 Keyboard).
  4. I had this same problem before installing anything. The first time I cleared the RTC Ram and I was good. The problem surfaced after I changed the boot priority under the simple BIOS - didn't do anything else. The CLRTC did the trick but after setting up a Raid array on the Marvell Controller the problem surfaced again.

    I did manage to get into the BIOS twice by continuing to hit the delete/f1 key out of say 50 attempts.....on the second entry into Bios I disabled the speed posting and delayed it by 5 seconds...haven't had a problem since but it doesn't seem like a good option. I'm thinking about doing the Bios update....I'm on 1104 I think it is.

    There are a lot of software bugs on this boards still it seems. My first was the system wasn't booting up....seems like the HX650 Corsair wasn't enough even though I think it should have been.....the latest problem was a TCP/IP issue with the LAN....updating to the latest driver fixed the problem....still taking the kinks out.
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