Hey guys,

I have an older m8100n HP Pavillion.
Couple years back I put in a BFG GeForce 9600 GT OC.

Computer has run great with no problems (i use it for gaming) and I decided to upgrade the memory today.
The stock memory on this system is 3 gigs ddr2 pc5300 - (2x1g and 2x512mb).

I have windows 7 home premium 64 bit installed so it would recognize the additional memory.
I purchased 2 sets of 2x2 pc6400 g.skill memory for 8gigs total.

When I installed them, no post.. boots up fine (i.e. fans spin, harddrive spins, cpu fan spins) but no post.
I took out the newer memory thinking I did something wrong and put the old memory back in.. still no post.

Spent about 4 hours pulling out hardware putting it back in making sure everything was tightened correctly etc. Tried booting up with single sticks of memory to detect one bad one for RMA... nothing.

Won't even post with a single 512 stick in..

I could use help on this one.. PLEASE don't tell me it's a bad mobo!! haha

Thanks in advance guys..
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  1. try cleaning the slots
  2. Slots have been cleaned (including pci-e and everything else) and still no post..
    I *think* it may be under powered... I have a 300w psu in this thing..

    Would lack of power spin fans with no post?
  3. h3sham said:
    try cleaning the slots

    Okay just went out and bought a 700w supply, put it in and same issue..
    everything spins, boots... No display..

    Any ideas?
  4. is your system speakers installed if it is tell me what kind of beep it makes ....if it aint install em and see what beep it makes
  5. h3sham said:
    is your system speakers installed if it is tell me what kind of beep it makes ....if it aint install em and see what beep it makes

    I don't have it plugged in, but I pulled out the video card and plugged the monitor into the onboard video and it boots up fine, signal comes on everything works..

    Leads me to believe it's.... the video card haha..
    What could cause a video card to just fail?

    Its a bfg over clocked 9600gt...
    Its pretty dusty inside but I didn't think that would make it just stop working (gpu fan still spins)
  6. air blow it and make sure theres no dust inside,clean the pins and clean the slots and try again and see if that helps
  7. take out the 2 gigs of ddr2 out leave in the 512 mb sticks in in there original location to return it to its original state then install your graphics card try boot up then if the same problem occurse try to jump your cmos with the graphics card still in there should be 3 pins with a cap on 2 of them put the cap on the pin that hasn't got the cap on it connecting the middle one also then try boot if the same thing happens take your cmos battery leave for 30 seconds put it back in a boot up hope this helps
    kind regards skarin
  8. The memory does match computer manufacturer specifications. First, reset BIOS to see if that helps. If not, you may need to try different hardware to see what is causing the problem. Keep us posted on the results.

    Thank you
  9. Turns out video card went out... I went to frys and got a gtx560ti to replace it and everything works fine now..

    Thanks guys!!
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