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I have an quad core i5 processor and a gigabyte ga-h55m-s2v motherboard. The mother board's onboard video will not work with the i5 quad core so the only way to install and configure is to use my ati radeon hd 6850 video card. The problem is in the installation guide for the radeon drivers it says i have to use the onboard video to install my drivers. Does anyone know anything i could do to get my drivers for my radeon video card?
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  1. you dont need to do that. just install the video card and install the drivers for it. If what your saying were true everyone without onboard video would not be able to install video cards which they need to display anything. I think you misread the manual.
  2. When you install the gfx card and power on your computer, Windows recognizes the new hardware and asks to install the generic drivers for it. You can skip/cancel this step and jump directly to installing Radeon drivers.
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