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hello i want to know if there is any cooler for the hd 6950? thank you
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  1. Is there something the OEM cooler isn't doing for you?
  2. i just find the temps high compare to my gigabyte double fan hd 6850 was like 70 max when gaming now its like 85 just want best cooling thx
  3. Understood. Are you wanting to stay with air cooling or step up to liquid cooling?
  4. air cooling i guess but you can list me 1 liquid cooling thx
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    frakasse said:
    air cooling i guess but you can list me 1 liquid cooling thx

    This product might work:

    Looks like if your GPU follows the reference design that this aftermarket unit would work. Might be worth contacting the vendor to verify, one way or the other. However, I think that since the HD6950/6970 are so new that you may need to wait a while for more alternatives.

    That being said, how is your overall airflow in your system? Do you have the ability to install a side fan to blow cool air into the GPU/CPU area?

    Alos, how hard are you OCing the GPU?

    Have fun!
  6. ok thx for the link airflow is good i have 1 120mm on side next to GPU and 2 80 mm 1 rear and front and i do on OC
  7. What PSU are you using (make/model)? Also, what are your idle temps? If you are maxing at 85, you should be okay. And, how are you measuring your temps (hwmonitor)?
  8. im at 39 C right now im using HW GPU-z and ati overdive
  9. OK. Not too bad. Try downloading and installing hwmonitor (Google it and get the free version). You can use it to plot a temp history to see how it goes up and down over time. Regardless, I think you are okay for now. If you see large spikes over 85, then I would get a little concerned.

    Still need to know what power supply you are using. Have fun!
  10. ok thx for everything
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