Luggage case for a huge computer

I have an Obsidian 800d case and im looking for a luggage case where this monster can fit, any help will be appreciated.
size of the case is 24" (H) x 24" (L) x 9" (W) - (609mm X 609mm X 229 mm)
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  1. Samsonite 3-suiter will work. Make sure you use plenty of internal padding, peanuts, Styrofoam wedged in, bubble wrap, everything.

    Suitcases are not handled with TLC by baggage handlers.

    Take a tape measure along with you when you go shopping for the suitcase. The manufacturers keep changing models and sizes. Also make sure that the sum of the dimensions are within the airlines max allowable (usually 62" total).

    "Maximum weight is 50 pounds and maximum size is 62 inches (length + width + height) per checked piece of luggage. Overweight items from 50 to 100 pounds and oversized items in excess of 62 inches but not more than 80 inches (e.g.; surfboards, bicycles, vaulting poles) will be accepted for a charge of $50 per item. Any item weighing more than 100 pounds must be shipped as Air Cargo."
  2. Searching for Samsonite 3-suiter usually gives bags that are a little too small like 29x21x11. Can you please give me link to the bag you talked about? Or is is just type of the bag? Sorry for my bad english, it's my second langugage.
  3. And you do not have looked computer travel bugs? There is even larger. You just need to choose.
  4. If you want protection, look at Pelican cases. They have foam in little cubes. You cut out the foam for what ever shape you need.
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