Severe and random FPS drops in games

For some unknown reason, I'm experiencing severe FPS drops randomly in games. I'm on an Asus G50VT laptop with a fresh install of Win7 64bit (within the past 3 weeks). Specs are:

P7450 CPU @ 2.13ghz
4gb RAM
9800M GS

I used to be able to run games fine, back when it was still using the default Vista install. I turn the graphics down to the lowest possible setting, because I prefer speed over pretty. However, while I can start games up just fine, I will randomly get massive FPS drops every five minutes or so. I don't know exact numbers, but I'd estimate anywhere from 1-3 FPS at its lows, down from maybe 30-40 at its highs. This occurs across the board in all games, from TF2 and BFBC2 to Starcraft II and Empire: Total War.

I've checked through all graphics options; everything in the Nvidia panel is forced to "off" (such as all the AA), so that's not the problem. I ran PerformanceTest 7, and the results were roughly in line with other baselines from similar configurations.

The only thing I can think is that it's the graphics drivers. I once tried rolling back to a really old version of the Nvidia drivers (around 180, I think), and that solved the problem, for the most part. However, I'd really like to avoid doing that; the new drivers have to be conflicting with something, because not everybody's having this problem. Does anyone have ideas? Thanks!
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  1. Windows 7 is a bit demanding compared to Vista. Also try updating your gpu driver and watch those cpu and gpu temps you could be experiencing heat issue.
  2. Sounds like an overheating problem. Laptops are prone to this.
    When it overheats clock speeds are reduced and framerates are reduced.
    Try a good cleaning first.
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