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Hey everyone,

I've been googling around for a solution to my problem, but haven't come across one yet so I thought I'd post here to get your ideas.

Basically, I have multiple small home servers that each share something different (TV shows, movies, etc). Each of the servers has the max (or near the max) number of internal hard drives, which is why I have multiple machines. So, now I have network shares like \\server1\tv, and \\server2\movies. What I want to do is essentially "re-map" \\server2\movies on server1 as \\server1\movies, while still having the movies on server2. I know this is less efficient, and I'm sure there are all sorts of user permissions issues with this, but I'm trying to "wife-ify" our home network here and this would really help her access the things she wants without getting confused.

My question is, what things can I try to accomplish my goal of consolidating these network shares under one machine/alias? Is this a dead-simple solution that I overlooked, or are there really good reasons why this can't easily be done? I'm also open to modifying my hardware setup a little bit (not building a brand new home server though) if anyone has some ideas there.


* Edit: I posted this in the Windows 7 forums because all of my networked machines are running Win7, and I thought the solution is probably OS-specific. Should I also post this in the Networking forum, or is that not allowed?
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  1. No this is not possiable to in your enviorment.

    can i suggest tho.

    Create a "Movies" share on the server of your choice.
    Create a Shortcut to Movies on server1 and another shortcut to Movies on server 2

    so that way she goes into the 1 directory and can get to either set of movies from there.

    or you go the next step.

    within \\server1\movies create shortcuts to all the movies in \\server2\movies
    that way you have 1 share to navigate to and then it displays a list of all the movies.
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