Just finished making my PC.
The CPU is the thing I am worried about...
IDLE temperature is around 45c to 50c!
Is this supposed to be normal?
I am thinking of upgrading to liquid cooling...
Should I upgrade to liquid cooling or just my case(WHICH SUCKS)?
The CPU is BRAND NEW...just made the computer 2 days ago.
I am concerned when it goes to load because I do lot of GAMING.
Also, is liquid cooling really that effective? I am worried because there is a risk of leakage and I don't want my computer to get all wet...
BTW, I have 3 extra fans which I put in randomly, though I don't think the airflow is that good.
I will be posting a picture of the case soon...if anyone needs it.

PS. Room temperature is around 30 C / 85 F

AMD Phenom 955 x4 3.2 ghz stock
Radeon 4870 512mb
Cooler Master 600w Pwr Supply
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  1. Case and a good quality fan like the cooler master hyper 212 plus for around 30 beans.
  2. Did you apply the thermal paste correctly?
  3. Taking into consideration that you just built this machine. I would say to recheck your fans and heat-sinkand make sure they are installed correctly and blowing good air. And to reapply your thermal compound (buy a good one like Artic Silver 5 is what most people like and use, but be careful it is conductive, so only apply on on the top of the CPU and no where else). Make sure you take out the older thermal compound with rubbing alcohol, on the heat-sink and the CPU. And make sure the thermal compound is on correctly. You just want it on the CPU, make sure you do not have any air bubbles, and make sure you do not have any stuck on the side. Just want it on the top, and do not forget that the whole CPU does not have to be covered.

    EDIT: Someone here once told me a good tip. Make sure that the front and sides of the case are intaking air while the top and end or exhausting the air. If you got fans blowing in all sorts of different directions that might mess with your air flow and temperatures.

    Make sure you do not have a lot of dust in your machine as well, which I doubt since you just built it though. I would check if your CPU with the fan and heat sink are nice and clean just in case.
  4. Quote:
    Very good http://www.imgquick.com/images/17.gif !!!!! I'm support the configuration

    Say what?

    I support the airflow comment above: Front and side in, back out.
  5. Ok thanks, I guess i'll check my airflow and the thermal compound =D.
  6. +1 to the air flow diagram also.
  7. If its the stock fan that comes with the Cpu it isn't that good that is what i was idle at when i first bought my AMD 4x 955 but i just upgraded my fan overclocked it to 4.2 ghz and idle at 40c and game at 45c. On 100% usage i peak at 50c
  8. Cool, now I upgraded to liquid cooling with the Corsair H50 my IDLE temps are around 35c to 40c and my LOAD temps are 45c to 50c. Is this bad, average, or good?

    PS. Room Temperature is around 30c ---- Summer Time =D
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