Trouble with Newly Built PC

Hello everyone,

I recently built a new PC for my little brother and I've been having some trouble with it. It freezes up and slows down occasionally (playing games and watching movies). I experienced a BSOD when I was listening to music and surfing the web (I have since updated the graphics driver and haven't received another BSOD). It really stinks that the system I built him isn't running flawlessly like it should. I am using a very similar build except for the graphics card, hard drive, and PSU and it is running flawlessly.

Occasions of problems:
1) Watching a hd .avi file and the video stops and the computer becomes unresponsive for 10 seconds and then starts up again like nothing happened.
2) Playing Guild Wars on windowed mode. Screen flickers during moments of large spawns.
3) Left Maplestory on for 8 hours straight. Came back to find the computer to be super slow and unresponsive. Mouse would move 2 inches after a minute. Required a restart.

I have updated the graphics driver to its latest version. (My brother used the 8600 GT in an older computer that had a Pentium 4 and it worked just fine with no flickering). I have run memtest86 and it found no errors.
I ran SeaTools and the harddrive passed all the tests except the Long Self Test. It passed the Long Generic Test though.
Could this be a motherboard issue? My gut is telling me that it is either the hard drive or the graphics card. Does a bad hard drive result in the slowing down of the computer? I still have a week before my 30 day RMA period from NewEgg is up so hopefully I can get this resolved by then. What other diagnostics can I run to further pinpoint the problem?

Phenom II 965 3.4 ghz (stock)
Nvidia 8600 GT 512mb DDR2
G.Skill 2x2GB 1600 DDR3 Ram
OCZ StealthXstream II 600W PSU
Asrock 870 Extreme3
Samsung Spinpoint F3 500gb
Windows 7 64 bit

Thank you for the help.
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    I am leaning towards the video card malfunctioning....A bad hard drive will slow you down also..I need more symptoms...Run furmark and see if it BSODs on you
  2. Thank you for the reply. I am doing this debugging remotely since I live at my college.

    I have since run the ES-tools hard drive diagnostic program designed for samsung hard drives and it passed that. Prime95 was able to run without a hitch. I had my brother run furmark and everything seemed fine.

    I thought the problem went away but he experienced another BSOD when he was installing Windows Movie Maker and watching videos. Does a bad OS installation cause BSODs?
  3. What were the GPU temps.? At which point did it BSOD , while watching a movie, or during the install, or both?
  4. I just ran furmark's extreme burn test and it got up to 103C without a BSOD. Should I be running a different type of test?
  5. Try a fresh reinstall of the OS.
  6. wow 103c....if its not your GPU now, it will be at those temps...
  7. Yeah, I actually ended the test before it could go any higher. I'm replacing the 8600 with a Radeon 6850 soon anyways. I'll try a new OS install though to see if that helps. Thanks for the help!
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