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Currently im trying to play modern warfare 2 jsut for fun, yet im getting only around 50-70 fps, yet on other benchmarks i see people with 250+. I have a i7 930, 6bs of ddr3 ram, and a stock 6870, anyone know what could be wrong? In crysis i get 28-45fps, and in BFBC2 i get 55-65.
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  1. There are a bazillion (a lot) of factors that go into a benchmark score, such as gaming resolution, game visual settings, game audio settings, overclocking, not overclocking, etc. The list goes on.

    Looks like you have a pretty decent level of performance now. What are you trying to do (other than go faster) that you can't do now?

    What resolution are you gaming at? And, what driver version are you using for your HD6870?
  2. Yes like geek said their are many factors when it comes to benchmarks and card testing.Usually when they test cards for benchmarks they play parts/levels of the campign for a duration of time.The FPS may differ from campign to online play.

    50-70 FPS sounds about right, if everything is maxed out,i get the same with my XFX6870 @1600x900.And i get around the same in BFBC2.It's not the card thats wrong it's just the way they did the benchmarks.Also their aren't a whole lot of drivers out for the 68xx series because it's such a new card,further in time i'm sure they will release drivers that will help boost performance in games(more FPS).
  3. Those sound fairly normal to me, of course it depends on resolution and what settings you're trying to use.
  4. hmm, you should be getting more than that.

  5. No he's pretty bang on according to that guru article if he's at 1080p. My bet would be Vsync is on in MW2.
  6. If you "saw someone" with 250+ FPS you must have seen the 5970.Or you were just exagerating.
  7. haha never mind i use i program built into my cimputer for v-sync and now it works, 90-110 fps :)
  8. Well, that great!
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