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I'm a first-time builder having some issues with my new desktop, which I've assembled today. My specs:

Asrock H61M-vs motherboard
Corsair CX430 PSU
Pentium G840 Processor
4 GB crucial ram

When I first set up my system, I was not aware that I needed to connect the 4-pin CPU power supply and started my system without it. I had no signal to my monitor, but all of the fans (CPU heat sink and case fan) ran without issue. When I read the troubleshooting thread, I realized that I had not connected the 4-pin power supply for the cpu; after doing so, however, all of my fans stopped functioning entirely when I powered on my PC. When I unplug the 4-pin and restart, the fans work just fine.

My high school physics education leads me to believe that I'm creating a short by plugging in the 4-pin connector, but I have no idea what the solution to this problem is. All input is appreciated.
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  1. Best bet here is take everything out of the case, and remove all connectors, opticals,hard drives, everything except the cpu, its heatsink and fan, you leave the cpu in place with its fan plugged in

    on your worktop/breadboard:
    Remembering to ground yourself to avoid risk of static
    connect 20+4pin to Mobo, connect the right 4pin to the right part of the cpu socket, some boards have an 8pin socket, but the psu only has a 4pin block, make sure your in the right part of the 4pin socket with the right plug
    connect the power button plug to the correct header
    connect video card if no onboard graphics are available, plug monitor into card/onboard socket
    if graphics card used and its a powered one, connect the relevant powerleads for it as well
    all done? ok, plug psu into wall, flip switch on back of psu (if applicable) to the on position,
    press powerbutton,
    post back any progress or lack thereof, and any details you think may be relevant
  2. That pics not working Jarr, I'm curious hehe
    **Edit, and now its disappeared altogether
  3. Make double sure you're not using your pci express power (6+2) connector for your CPU. For some awful reason that connector will fit in the wrong place.
  4. vogon79,

    I did a little additional research and found that your motherboard is only compatible with your processor if it is flashed to version P1.10 or newer. Does it say which version your bios is? Please refer to :
  5. Vogon79 has solved the problem by discovering that his power connector was plugged in upside down. This confusion was a result of only needing 4 pins on his 8 pin connector.
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