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i have an older compaq ps w/ a pen.4 processor and it kind of slow when adjusting images. don't know the speed of the processor but was wondering if i could change the cpu to speed it up? iv'e already increased the ram but that didn't seem to do much good. can someone tell me what i can do to make my pc faster on a budget?
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  1. Increase RAM size up to maximum 2Gb maybe .. but DDR1 very very hard to find them. or you can also add virtual memory with minimal 1GB flashdisk with software ebooster :
    i use this ebooster and working and make my system better and faster. :) but 2 years long ago.
  2. Enable hyperthreading in the bios if not already done so.

    Most P4 processors are already maxed to the 4Ghz Holy Grail so no joy there

    Only real option? Backup all important stuff and *accidentally* pour petrol on it near an open flame
  3. Old Compaq P4, there is not much you can do that I feel will be money well spent. No matter what you do, it's still an old slow P4 system that is going to take patience to run Photoshop. Photoshop likes multiple CPU's or cores, the more the better, lots of memory and a couple of fast hard drives. The graphic card only needs to be a decent, Photoshop is not demanding on the GPU side.
  4. I remember don't use photoshop cs very slow, use old photoshop 7.0 , go in preference memory used from default 25% increase up to 50% , if use photoshop don't open another software. And alway's clear your temporary file with CC cleaner.
  5. Do yourself a favor and get some new components. You can make an entire new faster PC for as low as 300$.
  6. I agree with all the other guys here. Your P4 system is at a dead end, even "upgrading" to the highest possible P4 out there will only net your minimal performance gains.

    It would be wise to start saving up and purchase a new system.
  7. If you have another hard drive you can add to the system Photoshop will see an improvement if you allow it to use that drive as a scratch disk. As others have stated, I wouldn't spend $$$ on a harddrive, who knows if you even have sata in that old beast, just add in one if you or a friend have one not being used.
  8. Aside from creating a whole new system (which sounds like the best option in your situation), one of the greatest performance increases for photoshop is simply by getting two HDDs and setting them up in RAID 0 - put nothing on them and use that striped drive for a scratch disk.
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