Need help understanding memory

i have a gigabyte g41mt-s2p moob.

memory standard 1333/1066/800

i assume of course that 1333 is better. my ? is, whats with

ddr3 1333(pc310600)

ddr3 1333(pc310660)

ddr3 1333(pc310666)

does is matter which one. Is one of them better than the other?
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  1. Personally, I think it's a matter of rounding laziness on the part of the marketing hacks who write up all the press releases. Now the RAM vendors just remark the same 10666.67 parts with three different labels so customers can buy the one they think their board requires.

    Considering how clock signals are generated, I can't imagine how you'd easily get 10600 MB/s.

    Just to clarify what these numbers mean, a 666.67MHz memory clock is double pumped (as in DoubleDataRate DDR memory) to get 1333.33 million transactions per second. All current x86 CPUs have a 64 bit memory bus so 8 bytes are transferred with each transaction. 8Bytes x 1333.33 million transactions = 10666.67 MB/s
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    This explains better and more completely than I ever could.

    As you can see DDR3 1333 is called PC3 10600 because the peak transfer rate in MB/s is 10666. I am not sure where the PC3 10660 comes from or why they just don't call it all PC3 10666.
  3. thx for the help understand it now
  4. If you are just looking for a good brand then Corsair or GSkill are hard to beat.

    You can get 4GB for about $30 and 8 GB for $40 and your board will support 8GB of 1.5v DDR3 1333.

    If you are running a 32bit version of Windows then you will be limited to 4GB of RAM. That is all any 32bit OS can use. If you are running a 64bit OS then go for 8GB as it's so cheap.

    If you are not sure if it's a 32 or 64bit OS then if you are running Windows XP there is a 99% chance it's 32 bit and to check Windows 7 go to Start > Control Panel > System and it will tell you there.
  5. i ordered 8 gig of g skill yeserday from newegg, has really good reviews
    1333 (10666)
  6. I have used GSkill quite a bit ( have it in my system now as you can see in my sig ) and have never had any problems with it. It's good stuff.
  7. u got a nice rig setup there
  8. do u no anything about overclocking the cpu, got a post in the furums and getting no hits on how to oc my q9400
  9. Yep, I had 2 Core2 chips I overclocked. An E6600 I got from 2.4Ghz to 3.4Ghz and an E8400 from 3.0Ghz to 4.050Ghz. They are very easy to overclock. You will need to start with aftermarket cooling. Do you have a good CPU cooler?

    Here is a pretty much step by step guide.

    With a Core2 chip you just do the chip's multiplier x the front side bus ( FSB ).

    The Q9400 has an 8x multiplier. That means at stock it has a 333FSB because 333 x 8 = 2.66. Since the multiplier can not be raised all you do is raise the front side bus.

    So to overclock to say 3.0Ghz you would raise the FSB to 375.

    Just read the guide and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  10. i have a masscool fan with heatpipe and dual fins
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