Why my computer will suddenly turned off when playing high graphic games?

When I playing PC games such as Prince of Persia the forgotten sands of time,NFSMW and Hero of Newarth,my laptop suddenly blacked off.I have no idea about that.Last time when I played this games,nothing happened to my laptop. Can somebody help me what is the problem of my laptop??If i play NFSC,CS and Dota my laptop does not sudden blacked off.My Laptop model is ACER ASPIRE 4740G.
Please help me!!Thank You.
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  1. There are two possibilities:
    1. The more intensive games are pushing your hardware harder, and at 100% load your laptop is overheating and it is shutting itself down to protect itself from damage.
    2. Your laptop's battery/PSU is not providing enough power to run your hardware at full load.

    Try downloading HWMonitor or another temperature monitoring programs and post your temps at idle, and under full load. You can run your more intensive games to determine your load temperatures, or use stress testing utilities like Prime95 (for CPU) or Furmark (for GPU). If you do use the stress testing utilities though, be sure to stop the tests if the temps climb too high (90+ degrees Celsius for CPU or GPU). If your laptop is overheating, you can fix it by using canned compressed air to clear any dust from the air intakes and fans. Increasing your fan speeds may also help if dust isn't causing any overheating issues.

    To determine if it is a power problem, try to find an alternative battery for the laptop and see if it shuts itself down under load with a different battery.
  2. You can also buy a cooling tray that will help with the heat issues associated with laptop gaming. My old Acer 6930G (I think...) laptop was used for gaming and the fan essentially had 3 settings. Low, medium and deafening. With a cooling tray, it never got past medium and was rock solid no matter how long I gamed for.
  3. Does HWMonitor can fixed my problem?
  4. No, it will just show what the problem is. More then likely, its either that your laptop is overheating, or the PSU isn't powerful enough.
  5. I have a couple other suggestions:

    I think it could also be a driver or Direct X issue so check/reinstall them. Bad RAM can give you weird shutdowns too. Prime95 has a memory intensive and non-memory intensive modes you can use to test RAM too. (

    Before I'd look for a new battery for the thing, I'd just try running it without a battery. The battery shouldn't be an issue if it isn' there.
  6. Thank You for the info.
  7. This mostly happens in Laptop Computers not Desktops.

    The problem is that when working with high graphics softwares, the CPU heats up to extreme temperatures. One of my friends said that his teacher's laptop's graphics card had melted while using the new Autodesk Maya. So, to prevent from this to happen the CPU turns off itself. It is actually good for the CPU to do that. Games like Crysis, Mass Effect, COD Black Ops have very good graphics but are intended to play in consoles or desktop PCs, not laptops. Laptops cannot handle very high graphics games.

    My advice is:
    1. Do NOT play such high Graphics games in laptops other that quality gaming laptops. Play games in your desktop because desktop can properly high temperatures.
    2. If you do want to play in your laptop, try reducing graphics settings to minimum (640x480 res, no shadow, low texture, low detail, bilinear filtering, etc). But even that may not work if you play for a long time.
    3. Also you might want to check if the fan is working properly. If too much dust in around the fan, it cannot work properly and might overheat the laptop.

    Last thing is that the games aren't the only cause of this. Any software which tend to use high graphics, memory or CPU will overheat the CPU and the laptop will turn off.
  8. If my laptop keep auto shut down due to overheat,does it affect my motherboard???
  9. Don91 said:
    If my laptop keep auto shut down due to overheat,does it affect my motherboard???

    Overheating of the CPU components does lower the efficiency of the components. It may cause some minor damage to the motherboard. Slowing of system may be a symptom. But if this happen frequently, you'll need to get your computer checked.
  10. Yesterday,I tried to install Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 on my laptop .When I played it,my laptop suddenly shut down.My laptop acer aspire 4740G support with nvidia GEFORCE , cannot play PES 2011??Why??Do I need to format my laptop to solve this problem??Do you think this is caused by virus??Now my laptop only can run certain games.
  11. Likely, your computer has a hardware defect. Run Prime95 on benchmark mode with and without Furmark. If they both Prime95 and Furmark run together with your laptop as you'd normally use it without crashing your PC then it's your hardware. If they both run fine for an hour, then it's your software and you should try reinstalling your system or updating your drivers.

    Does your fan run?
  12. Again, hard shutdowns aren't caused by drivers, bad RAM, or the like [You'd BSOD first]. I'm blaming the PSU or overheating.

    Download a temp monitering program [Realtemp, Coretemp, etc] and check temps while in game.
  13. Don91 If after checking the CPU and GPU temps you notice that it is in fact an overheating problem ( as it likely is, anything else is just bizarrely rare) Heres what to do...

    You've got to undo the panel underneath the notebook where the fan is - Most likely the heat sink will be fully clogged with dust, clean that and you should be fine...

    Otherwise you might have to remove the heat sink and reapply new thermal paste, but i'd recommend a professional to do that as it
    A) Voids your warrantee and
    B) sounds a bit difficult for you =P
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