Nvidia geforce 8800 problems

Hello, my brother now is having problems with his 8800gt 512mb graphics card which has been seizing up after short amount of time while playing games causing his computer to freeze all the way and now nothing shows up on the monitor. He tells me that there was an error message that told him the GPU had seized up. Is this a sign that His video card had died? Thanks for any help.

ram: 4gb
motherboard: ASUS m2n - 560 SLI
CPU: AMD Athlon 2 X4 Processor 2.9 GHz with 2mb cache
power: apevizx 500 watt
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  1. Yes, the video card is almost certainly dead.
  2. Or its heating up to much and is freezing. The 8800 is now an older card so it might just have its heatsink clogged with dust. Open the case and remove the card and see if that helps. If not, the card needs to be replaced.
  3. Somehow it managed to overheat. It only had a little bit of dust on it and when removed and placed back in it acted a little strange then stopped working now my brother is going to haft to get use to a 7200 until the replacement arrives. Thanks for the quick responses.
  4. This just happened to me and I opened the case tried to turn on the computer and smoke came from the GFX card. I also got a flashing power light on the computer that would prevent me from turning it on. As soon as i removed the gfx card and put in a cheap replacent for the time everything was fine
  5. maybe the fan failed.
  6. For some reason the 8800 has a pretty high failure rate, maybe it's just a very hot chip. I got one off craigslist that was a fresh in the box RMA return, out of the box it failed in any 3D work.
  7. The problem is due to the single slot cooler. As for failure rate it is due only to the cooler. The G92 is one gpu that can be abused and the G80 just swap the crap cooler and oven back but don't ask for tips on how to do that here as most here don't know jack.
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