Media/Some gaming PC ~$1,000

First time builder and have been doing research and have a decent grasp but with everything being so new I have gotten a bit lost with all the components their various models that are available. Just looking for some ideas on a solid build! I'll be happy to answer any clarifying questions!



Approximate Purchase Date: within the next 2-3 weeks

Budget Range: hoping to stay between 800-1,000 but is flexible and have budget to go over if necessary, will need a monitor so i know that will add some $$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: movies and HD streaming (some small scale video editing), internet, gaming (mostly use consoles but have some games like Half-Life 2 that I play and never know when a newer game might catch my interest), multi-tasking

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, OS [Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit]

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: only preference is where the best deal is at

Country of Origin: US, no micro center close by

Parts Preferences: looking at Intel build, i5 2500k. no particular reason though, willing to use AMD to make it more affordable.

Overclocking: No. only in the distant future if it becomes a necessity

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: Don't have monitor so no set resolution, the greater the better though.

Additional Comments: would like to have a blu-ray drive for HD movies. I also need to buy a wireless card as my computer is not close to the router. speakers i may just go with something cheap for now or just use my noise cancelling headphones. I have about 2 TB of external storage so can save some money on a smaller internal hard drive. Considering a SSD, but doesn't need to be included in my budget as they are pricey and not a necessity.
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  1. Thanks Omnisome!

    -Any advantages/disadvantages with choosing intel or AMD for my purposes?

    -Meant to ask earlier but have the issues with the sandy bridge cpu's been resolved?

    -Any recommendation for a wireless card?
  2. Any advantages/disadvantages with the Intel or AMD build for my purpose?
    The AMD processor has 2 more cores which would be very useful in your position and costs $40 less than the Intel processor. However, the i5-2500K is the perfect gaming platform and easily overclocks to 4.4GHz on a stock cooler.

    Are there currently any issues with Sandy-Bridge?
    There was never anything wrong with the processors but rather the motherboards (Socket 1155 + SATA3 defect). The first fixed motherboards are retailing this month and full availability in April.

    Any recommendation for a wireless card?
    Sorry, I can't help you there (I've never used wireless internet, never will).
  3. Never use wireless because it is not as good or another reason?

    Any particular reason you added the optical drive? does it offer something the blu-ray burner cannot handle?
  4. I could use some help said:
    Never use wireless because it is not as good or another reason?

    I don't use it because of 2 reasons:
    -Ethernet cable-internet is generally 2x faster
    -Much better security

    I could use some help said:
    Any particular reason you added the optical drive? does it offer something the blu-ray burner cannot handle?

    The optical drive has much faster DVD-RW etc. write speeds than the Blu-ray drive.
  5. Is the black edition of the AMD Thuban worth the extra $20?
  6. Sandy-Bridge is the much better CPU but has only 4 cores.
    AMD Black Edition is the equivalent to Intel's K-models. They are better for overclocking with unlocked multipliers and things of that nature.
  7. Two more questions,

    I decided to go with the Intel CPU, the MB you recommended however is now sold out and I was hoping to buy in the next day or 2. I was looking around at other MBs but most similar ones seem to be sold out as well. Is there another one you recommend or should I just wait until it is back in stock?

    Also, I am in the process of reading through the manuals and have a question about the front panel USB ports. The MB manual mentions connectors for additional USB slots but it doesn't appear to be for the slots in the front of the case. Can I use those additional USB connectors on the MB with the USB slots on the front panel of the case? I am going with the thermaltake a90 case:

    Thanks again for all the help!
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