Continuous rebooting - sign of a mobo or bios problem?

I had a Gigabyte H61-m-s2p-b3 motherboard (rev 1.0) that kept rebooting after 3 seconds without getting past POST or getting to the BIOS screen. I know it's none of my other equipment because it all works fine with my brand new MSi motherboard.

Could this be a BIOS problem? does it have the symptoms of a BIOS problem?
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  1. Post your PC specs.
  2. Gigabyte H61-m-s2p-b3 (rev 1.0) matx
    i5-2400 (socket 1155) at 3.1Ghz
    2 x 4gb corsair 1333Mhz, CL-9 RAM
    Sapphire Ati HD 6850 graphics card
    antec neo eco 520W
    160GB Sata II 3.5" Western Digital hard drive.
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    I've been facing the same issue since today..what did was took out one of the rams turns out the left ram slot was causing the problem..
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