Asus GTX460 1GB Direct CU (not *TOP* version)

Just got an Asus GTX460. It's amazing that it can be OCed to 800MHz(core)/1600MHz(shader)/4000MHz(memory) without increasing the default voltage (1V).
(Tested with Furmark and Heaven Benchmark.) Is it just me getting a lucky draw? Please share your OC results.
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  1. Mine is set to exactly the same as yours 800/1600/4000 at stock voltage, and it's not only rock solid but it never goes over 55C with air cooling in the case. My GTX275 would consistently hit over 90C and it was just slightly overclocked.

    I know the GTX460 is not the top of the line technologically, but it's perhaps the cream of the crop when it comes to value (performance to price ratio). I'm yet to throw anything at it which doesn't play exceedingly well.
  2. Did you run Heaven Benchmark? What did you get if so?
  3. WOW! Is 460@1GHz faster than 470?
  4. so it is much faster than 470 according to the graph below!!!
  5. 821-1642-2000 with stock volts and never breaks 70C even with Furmark or the EVGA OC Scanner. Idles at 26/27C. I did replace the stock thermal compound with IC Diamond 24C. It will go higher on stock voltage but honestly I am happy where it is.
  6. Nice!! What are the gfx's model and your ambient temp?
  7. andy5174 said:
    Nice!! What are the gfx's model and your ambient temp?

    I have an EVGA 1GB External Exhaust model ( the supposed "least effecient cooler" version ) that is a factory superclocked model to 763-1526-1900 but I got it right when the GTX460s were released and I do not believe it was cherry picked. The IC Diamond thermal compund lowered idle by 4C and lowered load temps by 7C so that helped I am sure.

    This one:
  8. How about your ambient temp? My max temp is also about 70C at around 23C ambient.
  9. I have a very well ventilated CM HAF922 case though.
  10. My ambient temps are about the same as yours and I also have a WELL ventilated case. Antec 1200 with the 2 x optional 120mm fans for a total of 7 x 120mm and 1 x 200mm case fans.
  11. Guess my Asus one has better cooler then. :D

    BTW, my WEI is 7.6. How about yours?
  12. WEI is useless.
    My E8400@4.050ghz- 7.0
    4GB Corsair DDR2-800@900mhz cas 5-5-5-15- 7.1
    Hard Disk OCZ Vertex 2 120GB - 7.6
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