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How much should I ask for my 5750?

I bought this card in the last part of June last year and I am saving up right now to buy an ATI 6950 from XFX but need a price idea so I can see how much my 5750 will be worth. It will be sold with two DVI to VGA adapters I ordered them from XFX themselves. Also it will include the other things that came with the card like the six pin to four pin connector and the door hanger. So what yall thing if may be worth. Any and all advice will be greatfull. Thanks.
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  1. If you have a the dual lifetime warranty then maybe up to 75% of new price, otherwise 60%
  2. I got the dual lifetime warranty on it.
  3. Around $85.00
  4. so between 80 and 85$ for it. Isn't that kinda high or not. My car is going for 114.99 on here is the link to my card.
  5. It's about 75 % :)

    Look on ebay and see what they going for.
  6. K. I will due so.
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    A new HD 5750 can be bought for $100 after a $10 rebate. So 75% of that is $75. I think that's the price you should be asking for.
  8. Thanks 4 the info on the price.
  9. Try to sell to someone who doesn't really know a lot about this technology and ask 120 (it may work depending just how stupid the person is)

    In reality you should be able to get a buyer for 80 dollars
  10. i can buy one new for $89 in australia. You wont get $85 for it second hand unless you find a retarded buyer.
  11. I have seen used hardware go higher on ebay than it costs new, there is always those bidders that have to win their bids!
  12. bidding addiction FTW :D
  13. Thanks yall. I may either put it in the for sale section on this site or craigslist.
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