How do I change the processor on my Toshiba laptop

how do I change the processor on my Toshiba laptop
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  1. Is it out of warranty? Do you have the money for a new heatsink, which can be hard to find? I don't recommend it. After taking apart one dead laptop and trying to put it back together, I would leave it alone. I've been building desktops for 20+ years, but laptops have alot of tiny wires and screws that can be lost plus the ribbon connectors on some boards. If your Toshiba is fairly new, you won't gain much by changing the cpu; many aren't available; most venders don't stock them.
  2. well only a few months old to me. Bought new on sale at big box store. Like to make it run a little faster. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Thank you I contacted Toshiba Customer Support and was told I can not update the processor I have so I will look to buy a different model.
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