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Gtx 465s in sli or 6970

I currently have 2 gtx 465's in sli i play at res of 1920x1080p on a 22 inch monitor

using this resolution will i be better geting a new card or not..

more or less will i see better fps or should i stick with sli

i play bad companey 2 and so on
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  1. There will not be a huge difference GTX460 1GB SLI setup beats a single HD6970 so I say stick with SLI unless you want to save some electricity!
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    not sure why you start multiple posts for the same question but,in hindsight getting 2 465s was probably not the best investment two 460s would have been a lot better but now if your posing the question, I would much rather have a single 6970 but its probably not worth the money lost to sell the 465s and drop money on a 6970 and the electricity saved will not translate to that many extra actual dollars on your bill so for me that would not factor in the decision, also it is nice to have the stability of a single card in games where two cards are not utilized
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