Geforce 9800 gt dell optiplex 755 doesnt work

So I upgraded from a Radeon HD 4600 card to a Gforce 9800 gt. I have a Dell Optiplex 755. Now when I install it, make sure the dvi adapter is connected. Power up and monitor sits at a orange circle and no display. The tower sits at a green power light, with a 2 4 alert light but works fine with other card. This has happened when i had the original 4600 set with a different dvi adapter on. The 9800 dioesn't have a normal vga port. Anyone hear of these 755's having issue with digital cards?
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  1. Did you remove (uninstall) the ATI card properly before putting the 9800 in. Nvidia cards do not run on ATI drivers.
  2. I did, but regardless i don't even get to the OS for that problem. It sits with no display, then with a green power light on the actual tower, and a orange no activity light on the monitor. Just got a new dvi plug gunna try that
  3. It can be the adapter, if not possible a faulty card or not enough power. If the card has a power plug did you plug it in?
  4. Nope no power plug, tried new dvi plug and no dice, card worked fine on roommates pc, gunna mess with switching PSU to 230 when done with dinner.
  5. What do you mean switch the PSU to 230? If you are talking about the little switch on the back of the PSU it is for input voltage, that is either 230 or 115 from the wall if incorrect bye-bye PSU and possibly computer!
  6. yes and i've run at both 115 and 230 without issue. The theory behind me puting it to 230 was adding the power for the system to run
  7. The switch is for the input voltage. In the US household electricity is 115volt in Europe 230 volts that is the reason for the switch it does not add any power to the PSU!
    Ok what is the size of the PSU in watts should be on a sticker somewhere on it?
  8. derrr total brain fart lol i "knew" that lol
  9. I've got a 9800gx2 had it for about 2-3 years now died on me yesterday it seems they are somewhat prone to heat causing faulty connections.

    I stripped it and baked the PCB's in the oven at 200 Degrees for 10 mins new paste and a good clean and she's fully fuctional again.

    Not something for the faint hearted and don't even think about it if the cards under warranty.

    If it's out make sure you get the card tested in another machine to establish it's dead if so baking method might bring a new lease of life back to it.

    Worked for me and many many many others.

    But its a definate last try nothing to loose thing.
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