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First thank you for having a wonderful forum.OK on to my questions. slow loading games, installing, and multitasking (transferring,copying). my system specs are

Antec Nine Hundred Two - case
GigaByte GA-MMA-770-UD3 -mobo
AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition (came oc'ed at 3.5ghz) - cpu
4gb consair xm52 pc6400 ram- memory
Radeon HD 5770 - gpu
Thermaltake V1 CPU cooler
Thermaltake Black Widow Power Supply 550W
500gb 7200 hdd
1.5tb 7200 hdd

Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7600
Avast Internet Security 5.0.507
Magix Pc Check and Tuning 2011

I cant think of anything that would cause this computer to be so slow. i have friends with none gaming hardware loading games before i do. any help will be greatly appreciated. i need optimizations for gaming and internet mainly. If you need anymore info please ask.
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  1. How quickly you can load stuff generally depends on your harddrive. What kind of harddrive to you have (specifically by who and the model), and what does your friend have?
  2. have you defragged your hard drive?
  3. hdd is a seagate barracuda 7200 rpm. friends have hamster express lol not really sure what they have. so its slow cause hdd is slow is there a way to make it faster
  4. ksampanna- its fresh install of windows 7 not sure if that makes a difference on how defraged it is but i can check right quick
  5. ran defrag and it was 18% fragmented is that what is problem? sorry i bought it like this and expected it to be somewhat faster then my dual core
  6. Eclipz said:
    sorry i bought it like this and expected it to be somewhat faster then my dual core
    What did you have before?
  7. Magix PC Check & Tuning 2011;
    Does this sound like your computer?
    According to independent tests, PCs that are used extensively show signs of slowing down after only a few months. PC Check & Tuning managed to increase the performance of test devices by up to 300%, achieving results that were nearly equal to their original performance. In one step, the program analyzes the computer, detects problems, and removes them all on its own.

    When disconnected from the internet and having shut down Avast Internet Security and Magix PC Check & Tuning 2011 does the computer run noticeably faster?

    Have you been monitoring your CPU temps?
  8. Ya id get rid of that magix program. I dont know how avast is, but microsoft security essentials is very resources un-hungry on my pc. Make sure you defrag your harddrive too, 18% is a little much. It shouldnt go more than ~3%
  9. what are the temps for i don't know which ones to look at cause one says 79c i hope its not accurate but temp 1 is 29c, temp 2 is 28c temp 3 is 79c, hd1 is 26c hd0 is 27c and core is 30c.

    im gonna disable antivirus and magix tune up to see if noticeably difference
  10. 79c!!!! That's really, really hot. you don't know what is running at that temp?
  11. have no clue it never changes though even all 6 fans running high it never changes. ive googled it and its no problem alot of mobos dont have enough sensors as speedfan and it gives a false reading for it. or its possible its the gpu sensor..
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