Final touches and new PSU

Well I have been down the RMA road and it is a bummer. But I have decided on Antec's NEW True 750w PSU and another Saphire HD 5770 to finish out my build. It has more power than needed, but never know whats down the road. Here is what I ended up with.
ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO usb3.0
AMD Phenom II 965
Dual combo drives
Multi card reader w/extra usb's
Segate 350 gb HD
Hatachi 2 TB 6.0 HD w/ another on it's way for raid config
Smilidon case - which I don't reccomend if you are going to overclock the heck out of it, like me
Noctua NH-D14L
Saphire HD 5770 X's 2
2 120 high rpm push pull fans that make me glad it is in the spare bedroom because it is loud

I am hoping this will be enough for about 3 years.
Any thoughts on what else I need for decent gaming and HD video playing? I am almost out of money, but a couple more hundred won't hurt.
Is it best to Crossfire two of the same graphics cards as I can cancel the order for the other Saphire HD 5770, or will the two together give me the performance of a high end card? I will be adding a Blu-ray burner when I get this paid for.
So, what do you all think I need or change anything?
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  1. Forget CF low/mid end cards i.e HD 5850 < HD 5770CF < HD 5870 and just hit this $195AR HD 5870?

    Also that Asus 880G is 16/4 anyway so going single (beefy) GPU all the way a juicy $195AR 955BE + 870 combo

    Stick to 3gb/s for mechanical hdds so maybe a Samsung F3 1TB?

    Hit a decent 600-650W 80+ PSU and it's all good ^^
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