Dell computers gx270 motherboard

My Computer is not getting power on, when i power on the power light is done red instead of green. and no response.
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  1. Do you have a question? What do you expect from us? there can be many cause for that problem, can you give us more information? like the model of your computer, age, etc?
  2. model - Dell GX 270 as stated in title
    age - approximately 2003
    cpu - Pentium 4 2.0 - 3.0 ghz
    memory - PC 2100,PC 2700 DDR
    recalled motherboard due to faulty capacitors

    GX 270s had bad problem with taiwanese capacitors that would go bad
    check your motherboard for bad caps
    the X on top of capacitor will be bulging with yellowish fluid leaking out

    also the other possibility is a bad power supply
    with the age of that computer it is very possible the PSU went bad
    would have to swap in another one to find out
  3. I would check the battery for power then the power supply.
  4. I've dealt with those Horrible GX 270/260s.

    Like King smp said - those motherboards have a massive problem with the capacitors on the motherboard. I wouldnt be surprised if your motherboard is toast.

    I've dealt with, and had to replace many of those Dell GX computers, they were slow, prone to hardware failures, and generally not worth the money. It's best to get rid of it.
  5. Hey the Dell Optiplex 740/745/755s are nice :)
    Japanese made Rubycon caps

    Dell learned their lesson from the GX 260/270/280 capacitor problems they

    Dell is still in court fighting lawsuits from that

    In all fairness HP and others also used those caps
  6. Hey millions of banks,schools and government agencies cant be wrong :)

    Still is a Dell P.O.S. LOL
  7. +1 on caps, fairly easy to desolder and replace with new ones.
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