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i have a old dell dimension 4600 case and i wan't to no how do u rewire the power button.
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  1. Best bet is buy another case. I have actually seen someone strip the wires and use duct tape to attach the start, power and hdd led to a standard motherboard. It worked for proto-type purposes to do a bread board test, at least.
  2. That Apevia case is OK. It looks awesome with all the bling on the front, and has a side window which increases the visual appeal. Shipping is high, which brings total cost to $80.

    The feedback on it is OK, but not like this for the same price: LIAN LI Lancool PC-K58W Black. Lian Li owners border on fantatic for devotion - maybe it is becasue their cases include a motherboard speaker :pt1cable: Also note the inside has a cutout to mount your heat sink without removing your mother board and holes to facilitate cable management.

    For a less expensive selection, this case also has a speaker, and 5 eggs too: AZZA Helios 910 Black for $62 after rebate.

    Here is the Antec offering in the $80 price range: Antec Nine Hundred Black. This has an awesome 5000 ratings at 5 eggs, good looks, rugged build. Classic.

    I am a cooler master fan, and here is a budget choice: COOLER MASTER Elite 430 for $40 after rebate. If you go with this one, get some extra fans - you will still save money. 5 eggs, and sure enough, a motherboard speaker!
  3. For that price / size, You should try the Antec 300 it has much better reviews and good airflow.
  4. im really on a tight budget... and im putting the most in the cpu and gpu and psu
  5. gamerkila57 said:

    Yes, that Rosewill Destroyer is a good case. It was actually recommended to me by MadAdmiral after I had already ordered a HAF 912. It comes with enough fans and to eloric's joy has a speaker too.

    Oh yeah, my brother-in-law used that case with his i7 gaming rig and loves it.
  6. thanks
  7. Yip, good choice
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