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Ok, hi all, I posted a previous thread but got only 1 reply :pfff: :lol:
Anyway, here is my build, it will be used primarily for gaming, here are some of the games I play

Dawn of War
Total War series
Dragon age 2
Ok you get the idea, not extremely graphically demanding games, but take a bit of oomph at 1920x1080, I decided that getting a 5970 would extend my PC's life over a 5870, but obviously I could sell the 5870 in a few years and just get another upgrade. Anyway here is the build

CPU - i5-2500k
GPU - 5970 or 5870
Mobo - MSI P67A-C45
Case - Ok, I love all these cases, and They would all look great IMO, what offers the best performance?
HAF 932 (or the HAF X)
NZXT Phantom (Ok im a sucker for NZXT designs)
RAM - 8GB of DDR3 1600 RAM
HDD - 1TB Samsung Hard Drive
SSD - wait till Vertex 3's are released
Optical drive - Got one from my recent PC
PSU - XFX 650w (Not sure if this is enough for the 5970 but should be ok for a 5870?)
Cooler - Scythe Mugen

ATM i can't see any great reason to go to Radeon 6xxx GPU's, any reason why?

Thanks Again
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  1. Care to put some input in there?, I apologise again, but obviously bumping is disallowed, so I end up with only a rough idea. Apologies again
  2. the 5970 is extremely expensive and poissibly overkill for what you need.
    If you're willing to spend the money a 5970 costs you might want to look into a gtx 580. It's expensive but not to the same extent as the 5970 and it performs similarily.

    If multi card setups isn't a turn-off then sli gtx 560 ti or crossfire 6870 is an option as well. Both setups deliver great performance similar to a 5970.
  3. Did you not like the good advice you got in the previous thread?
  4. I'm aware that the previous user made very valid comments, however, by simply reading from another persons comments, the GPU I had chosen would be overkill, two sides to every coin, I would however like to take this away from a thread bashing thread to a place where I can get help, and hopefully, so people in a similar position can also benefit,
    Did you not like my apology in the previous message?
  5. GPU - 5870 for 1080p max 4XMSAA and no fancy ambient oclusion or similar; if you want 8XMSAA and everything on max than either 6990 or 590; i have a GTX580 and can not sustain min acceptable frame rates at maximum details on 1080p
    Mobo - Asus P8P67 Pro (best layout, best overclocker.....)
    Case - HAF X (best performer but not so quiet..anyway the GPU will overcome it)
    RAM - or
    Cooler - Noctua NH D14
    PSU - Corsair AX850 for CF, SLI (80+ gold) or yours for 5870
  6. Get an HD 6950 2GB instead of the HD 5870. HD 5970 is not an recommended buy these days. There are many alternatives, such as 2xHD 6950 2GB/2xGTX560 Ti's etc.
  7. Obviously this thread was a while back, however since then I have bought my Mobo (being replaced for B3 ATM) the CPU and my NZXT Phantom

    Now I am considering 5760x1080 eyefinity, I am probably going to go with crossfire 6950's (Msi Twin Frozr Ones)

    after that I need opinions on this PSU

    and someone to recommend the best Bang for Buck SSD

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