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Homebuilt rig- no picture to monitor after constant freezing

March 15, 2011 7:46:00 PM

I dealt with this just a few days ago:

Ran fine for a day or two. Now all the fans are running but there is no picture to my monitor, it just sits there like it does when my PC is off.

To start from the beginning, my computer started freezing this morning in Windows 7, usually after just a few minutes after booting. Happened time after time: can't move my mouse, everything frozen on the screen. I could hear my DVD drive stop too.

Then I installed the Windows 7 freeze hotfix. Then tried to load up a game, got a memory dump and restart. Then it froze on the "Asus" BIOS screen where it says "press delete to access BIOS options."

Now there is no output to my monitor. It just sits there. My computer is running, I can see the fans running on the heatsink and GPU, but no output.

I'm rapidly losing faith that building my own rig was a good idea. It's been one failure after another despite running like a champ the first week. :(