Games are not playing good on ati radeon hd 4350

i have a graphics card which is ati radeon hd 4350 1 GB but i think its not good graphics card so i want to buy nvidia graphics card upto 3000 which is very good for gamming i want it in 2012 not in 2011 because i dont have full 3000 i will get full 3000 in 2012
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  1. The 4350 1GB is not a very good graphics card for gaming. Not because it's ATI, but because it's a low budget card. However, your CPU also plays a part in how well games play. You will probably want to specify your full system and monitor resolution and refresh rate. I'm also a bit confused on this 3000 you refer to. 3000 what?
  2. Clearly who ever the op is isn't native English or is drunk. Type what you want to say in your native language and use a translator to convert your language into English copy then paste it here.
  3. The HD 4350 is not meant for playing games. You need to spend more money on a video card if you want to play games.

    I will assume by "3000" you mean "3000 rupees". That basically translates to $65 in the US. Excluding taxes, shipping and rebates you can buy a AMD/ATI HD 5570 or the nVidia GT 430. In the US they are not really considered gaming cards.

    Of those two cards the HD 5570 is more powerful. See following review:

    However, I am pretty sure due to import taxes and shipping costs the HD 5570 and GT 430 will cost a little more than 3000 rupees. I suggest you save more money if you can so that you can buy a better video card.
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