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i have a video card but can't play games as it has no driver.the card does not display company name which is annoying. Becuz of this i can't play games. before i downgraded my os system i checked dxdiagram and found out that i had 891 mb of video memory. So it meant i had an ok graphics card






These links are to the pictures of the card

reply if you can identify my video card
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  1. My friend, the links do not work.

    My suggestion is that you remove the video card and look for the manufacturer and model of your card. All cards have to have the manufacturer and the model number actually printed on the PCB somewhere. It might be a bit hard to find at first, but I am 100% positive it's on there somewhere. If you're lucky, it might just be printed on a little sticker.

    Also, before you remove the card, depending on the OS you're using (let's assume it's Windsows 7), run the Windows Update and see if it finds your driver. Most likely it will. If it can't, remove the card and try looking for it.
  2. i have checked it and found no little sticker with company name on it. but i did manage to properly upload the pictures.
  3. If you google the part number you will find it is an 128 mb ATI X300 PCI-e card :bounce:
  4. what i have a crap video card . i must've read the number wrong
  5. It's not a crap video card, it's just basic. Have you managed to take care of your issue now?
  6. How ironic. Just two weeks ago my video card went out on me and I reinstalled an old ATI 300 XSE as an interim card - the SE is a slower version than the 300 X.

    Yes, it is a good card - just old and slow. If you are contemplating an upgrade to get better performance, I suggest you go to which has a lot of information on that subject - including how to identify system requirements and how to select and install a new video card.

    There you can learn a little about current cards land use the info to narrow your choices down, then perhaps come back here for final confirmation that it will work with your system and that it matches your expetations. As pointed out in the site above, often the biggest constraint to getting a good graphics card, in addition of course to budget. is the size of your PSU. Often on older systems it needs to be upgraded if you want a faster card - and is therefore one of the first things you should check, if planning to upgrade.
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