Radeon HD 5850 twitching after updating driver

I've had this card since last June with no problems and decided to update the driver this evening. The updated driver made my screen twitch from side to side every few seconds on the desktop and while browsing the internet. I had the issue when upgrading to Catalyst 10.12. I also uninstalled 10.12 and installed 10.8. I had the twitching problem with 10.8 as well. I'm currently running on 10.4 with no problems, which was the most current driver when I purchased the card.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas to solve it other than simply leaving it on 10.4?

Thanks for your time! :)
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  1. Seems very strange.

    Try this, uninstall the catalyst, then restart.

    Then run http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/ and restart.

    Then install 10.12 and restart.

    See what happens then.

    Also, try doing the same thing but with 10.11. 10.11 was a great one and seemed pretty stable.
  2. Nothing changed after using the driver sweep.
  3. Same thing happens for me on my 5850s after 10.12, however, for me it is ONLY at startup, after the logon and during the splash screen. I don't think I've seen it while in Windows.
  4. That's strange, my log-in screen and during start-up it's fine but my desktop twitches with 10.12.
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