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i have a 5770 from ati and when i play games like bad company 2 or gta iv on high settings, the temperature goes up to about 60 degrees celsius. i'm sure that this temperature is not that high but the problem is that my screen becomess 'broken'. A white screen with colored lines are shown for about 0.1 seconds every 3 seconds. is this normal? (I didnt overclock my CPU nor GPU)
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  1. Sounds like the VRM over heating. Sadly that is not gauged on the thermal meters anywhere. The thermal tape may have been bad.

    If it's a new card, I'd RMA it.

    However, just to make sure that is the issue, I'd reinstall your drivers and test it again. You could also try underclocking the memory to see if that make it better. If it does, clearly the VRM's are overheating.
  2. thanks for the tip
    even though i haven't RMA it yet, the issue got fixed by setting the screen refresh rate from 75Hz to 60Hz
    kinda wierd...
    anyways, that 'broken screen' thing is fixed and the temperatures are still same with no issues
    but there's a new problem
    i recently got metro 2033 and in some places where there are many light or fog effects,
    the problem occurs again.. the white screen with colored lines
    and that's when the temperatures are at about 57 celsius
    and the refresh rate is 60Hz i double checked it
    could this be the VRM overheating thingy??
  3. The VRM's can overheat when the GPU isn't. If you underclock the memory (which the VRM's control) it may help.
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