Cooler Master Silent Pro 500w


I am planning on a new build and I haven't decided on the PSU yet. I know I'll need 500w and I was thinking of getting the Cooler Master Silent Pro 500w. Seems like a good value modular PSU.

Can anyone recommend it? Or can anyone suggest another 500w PSU (preferably modular). I'm on a budget by the way (£70 max).

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  1. That's a pretty expensive 550.
    What are your specs/how did you decide that 500 is what you need?
    This would be fine.
  2. i5 2400
    4gb ram
    hd 6850
  3. Nothing wrong with choosing the Silent Pro M 500W.

    Another good option, which is officially more efficient than the Silent Pro M 500W, but might not actually be so in reality:
    Adata HM 550W 80Plus Bronze Modular £63
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