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Rivatuner on AMD 6900 Series

Hi guys for few years I had back then ATI 4870x2 card and my "can't live without" tool rivatuner for not soo much to do some tweaking but to monitor my video card. I actually have separate monitor when I play games I have Rivatuner GPU monitor on full screen on my second monitor so I can see RPM of the fan ,clock , temperature and GPU activity. Few days back I received my new upgrades a AMD 6970 cards and Rivatuner no longer showing me GPU monitor and I am totally lost without it, please help. Fro what I understand Rivatuner is no longer updates and I really don't know what to do. I willing to trade for another program if there is any that will allow me to monitor MY GPUs as individual graph, also RPM of my fan, CPU and GPU temperature and GPU activity. IS there something like that available or may be I can make Rivatuner to work for me ? Please help Thanks !
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    MSI Afterburner has a display for those things. Although it doesn't show RPM, but it does show fan speed %. It even shows FPS along with clocks, usage, fan %, and temp.
  2. Thx a lot. Works like a charm !
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