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Need Guide for card

Hello fella... I want to know... What i need to do or download if i buy GTX 460 or 470.?

If ATI i just download latest CCC what about Nvidia.?
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    ATI CCC is for ATI cards, you have to download the latest GPU drivers from Nvidia's website for either GTX 460/470
  2. Updating Nvidia drives are a nice simple process
  3. Ok.. i have all other hardware just graphic card only to complete my pc.. I think want to try Nvidia GTX 470 not because i not like ATI.. i have already HD 5770.

    So i want to try Nvidia... So Update Nvidia GPU driver are simple like ATI right.?
  4. Yes,it's pretty simple.
  5. Ok... That was good option and nice advice from you guys. Thank a lot, i cant ask more question cause i'm not buy yet... Next month i grab that card i will share with you guy... : )
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  7. before i forgot... Can my PSU support both GTX 460 and 470..? sorry about that... my PSU is Cooler Master 550GX
  8. Yes it's fine
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