Phenom X4 II 940 Hot help PLZ

I need help ive got a new AMD Phenom X4 II 940 that idles at 45c and in games climbs higher than 65C ive applyed greese 3x now and no luck
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  1. You may have put on too much paste, or not applied enough pressure on the heatsink. Stock cooling, yes?
    What are your ambients, case model etc?
    Try this as a general guide for application:
  2. What is your room temp?. If you specify your case model, might be of use.
    or you woud'nt have placed your heatsink properly.
  3. Try an uprated cooler or turn the cpu fan speed to max, its in bios, usually under the name of smart fan control or similar, set this to disabled. This will run the fan speed at max and help bring temps down
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