Compatible processors for acer aspire x1700

I have an acer aspire x1700 with a intel pentium dual-core e5200 cpu, 4gbddr2 memory, nvidia 9500gt graphics card. My computer rating is only 3.6. the processor is 5.4, ram 4.6, graphics(aero) 3.6, gaming 4.9, primary hard disk 5.9. With some games the screen skips and jumps frames, so I was wondering if I need to upgrade my processor or what could be the solution?
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  1. ok, lets see.

    your ram is good but the processor is a bit old but it will do the main thing i see is the graphics card. What games are you trying to play and what would be your budget for the upgrade? Also i would suggest getting a mid tower case, the case the acer aspire has is not really meant for upgrades.
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