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I´ve just installed my new Sapphire 5670 512mb ddr5, in my amd 5200 +, with a generic psu of 550 w (27 A in 12 V rails).
The problem is that when i try to turn on the computers it takes arround 15 seconds 5 "BEEPS sounds" and 3 or 4 attempts to run the dvd rom, before it shows the bios screen....
What´s happening to my PC?
Should I change my graphics card?
Other specs of my PC:
ACER ASPIRE T180 with onboard GPU Geforce 6100.
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  1. Did you disable the GeForce 6100 in the BIOS?
  2. Also exactly which HD 5670 did you buy? Please provide the link.

    SAPPHIRE 5670 512 MB GDDR5,

    I Can not disable the other gpu in the Bios.

  4. HAven´t solved the problem, any new ideas?
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    You should check your Mobo manual to see what these Beeps mean.

    It could be the PSU, not sure about that.

    You should be able to disable the onboard video, again read the manual how to.

    Also the 2.1 PCI-E Card are known to have issues with PCI-E 1.0 Mobo's.
  6. Yesterday I was going to install Windows Xp again, and with my ATI 5670 I COULDN´T¡¡¡(there was an error during the installation process) , SO I had to install it with my integrated gpu.....
    Finally I´ve decided to change my GPU, I would return my ATI 5670, and I will buy a XFX Geforce GT240 DDR5, what do you think about this change??

  7. It's a little less powerfull than the HD5670, but you should be fine below 1680x1050.
  8. which motherboard are you using?
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  10. Dominaz1 said:
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    nThanks, good luck with the new GPU :)
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