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Help choosing a suitable graphics card for dual monitor setup.

Which recent video cards would be good for running a dual 17inch CRT monitor setup? 1024x768 optimal resolution at 87Hz on each of them and the maximum is 1280x1024.
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  1. Depends on your system. What is your power supply specs and general system specs? Video cards have minimum requirements, so we can't recommend without knowing what you are working with.
  2. I am still in the process of building this pc. So far I have a Sigma Monster 750w power supply. I plan on having either a Phenom ii X4 or X6 cpu. Haven't decided on a motherboard yet but leaning towards Crosshair Formula IV.
  3. With that power supply, you can basically get any graphics card you want. Any budget?

    Also, just to let you know, the new intel processors are now being sold. They blow the amd and even the old intels out the water without any real competition. Might want to consider them if you have no reason for going AMD. the i5 2500k is a great processor, probably one of the best intel has released in a very long time for its price point of only $225.
  4. My budget would be $150 to $200 for the video card.

    If I overclock on the AMD processors how would they compare to the new sandy bridge?
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    Here are some reviews:,2831-6.html


    You can read both articles in full if you want to see more comparisons.

    As for a card. With that budget, I would go with a Radeon HD 6850. You can get one like this, OCed for $189.99. They are great cards for the price. You can see it recommended here:,2834-4.html

    I personally have this one:
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