Dual 120hz monitors work with GTX 580?

I recently ordered a new computer system with a dual GTX 580 SLI setup and I was shopping for monitors today. The ones that interested me the most are the 120mhz monitors that utilize the dual DVI port/cable from the video card.

I'm not overly familiar with dual monitor setups (never used one before), so my question is can I run two monitors that are both 120hz (and both dual DVI) from my graphics card setup? If so, how?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Yep, but you'd need 3 for a multi-monitor gaming setup. With only 2, one will be used for the game, and the other will just be a second monitor.

    All the DVI ports on the 580s should be Dual Link, so just hook em up, make sure you have it set to output at 120hz, should usually do it automatically but u can check, and you're good to go.
  2. What do you mean multi monitor gaming exactly? I'm basically interested in doing 2 things at once at 120hz, such as running 1 WoW client on each screen. I'm not really interested on splitting 1 game in half on 2 displays if that's what you meant.

    Is my setup ok for this?
  3. Click to find out what is necessary:


    All 3 monitors must be of the same make and model.
  4. I should have mentioned I have no interest in 3d gaming either. I just want 120hz for better 2d gaming. Will this work?
  5. Yeah, for running Wow in windowed mode this will work.

    I was talking about gaming across all monitors, as in one big game spread out over 3 monitors, which u need in order to do that.

    If you just wanna run 2 wow clients, then 2 monitors will work perfectly in that setup.
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