Motherboard standoffs in Lancool K-62 and 63 removable?

I have an acer eg31m motherboard with 8 standoff holes. I've looked it up and it turns out other people have fit it into new cases, like the antec 900. The k62 and k63 are currently on sale on newegg and I will end up buying one of them. My question is, are the standoffs in these boards removable so I can position them into the correct position for my motherboard?
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  1. The standoffs screw into the case,
    the mobo sits on top then screws go through into the standoffs, some cases come with a little bag of standoffs as a goody package, or they are available at most pc shops/sites
    but yes, in the event you need to adjust placement, they unscrew with a 5 or 6mm socket
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