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Something beyond AMD 9-Series or AM4

Just wanted to check with you guys in case I missed something. Had a machine throw up a AM3 board that contained a Phenom 1100t. I have verified that everything other than the board survived. This machine does not have to be rebuilt immediately. That being said, I didn't want to go out and buy a new AM3+ board when a backwards compatible AM4 might drop a month later.

Have you guys heard of anything coming through the pipeline? Anything replacing the 990 chipset or any other socket?

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    AM3+ is likely to remain AMD's premiere desktop socket for the rest of the year or thereabouts. I haven't seen anything related to a new socket for Piledriver or beyond.

    As for chipsets, the 1090FX has been announced but I can't find anything on a shipping date. I would expect it to release sometime just before Piledriver.
  2. Cool, just looked it up and there isn't anything in the 1090FX that I will miss. We don't require 32 PCIe lanes or care if the USB 3.0 is integrated.
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