Asus Xonar DG vs DX

Ok, I've made a couple posts, hopefully this should be a bit more concise. I'm trying to pair my Sennheiser PC 360 with a decent sound card. Which card would be better for exclusively using the Sennheiser PC 360 headset all the time?

I understand the majority of differences between the two cards, namely the DG has a headphone amp while the DX does not. The DG is also seemingly lacking on a few other features that the DX has which would pertain to higher quality audio not commonly found in gaming.

I primarily use the headset for playing online games while voice chatting, and occasionally watch streaming video and music. I'm not concerned with using speakers.

The DG seems to pull ahead for my needs, despite its lower price.. Anyone else have some recommendations? The Sennheiser PC 360 is also only rated at 50 Ohms.. so will the headphone amp even make a difference?
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  1. For driving a PC 360, go with the DG. The headphone amp REALLY helps with those types of headsets. .

    Essentially, the DG is cheaper because it cuts out some features found on the DX, and has significantly lower quality on the analog outputs. Its advantage is the powered amp, which no other soundcard below $120 [Auzentech Forte] offers. As such, they aim for two different segments of the market.
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