Core i7-2600 VM ware Mobo Advice

Approximate Purchase Date: This month or next

Budget Range: 1,000$

System Usage: Virtual Machines gaming.

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: I would like to use a smaller case something around 16x 16x 7x

Overclocking: Not till outdated by several years

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: Not sure but would like to be able to have 2-4 possibly 6 active monitors.

Additional Comments:
This pc is being constructed to,
Run games programs inside the VM wares.
But at the same time be able to have play 1 game at a time at or above 41fps with great graphics. (most new games black ops, eve online, GTA IV)
The VM ware games dont need Super graphics as i have ways to disable a lot of them with 3rd party software but running a whole os and the game due take a bit of power i am currently running them on a e8600 4.42ghz dual core. and i can run 2 machines per core but nothing else. 512ram per VM. Also i can run 1 VM ware and 1 high def game.
Current graphics card is the hd4870x2 That would be coming over to this new system. but would like the ability to put in a new one.

Now I have been reading and found the 2600k Seems like one of the best deals on the market for a cpu with good multitasking for the price, but the mobos atm for it are having issues.
Some things i have picked out so Far.
Case: APEX TX-381-C Black Steel Micro ATX Tower Computer Case
PSU: CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W 80 PLUS Certified
Ram: 8Gig
Cpu: Intel Core i7-2600K Quad-Core

Threw all of my reading i have heard i should wait that there is new things on the horizon but when isnt there?
If that item on the horizon would be perfect for what i want i would be willing to wait but i dont want to also pay out top $ just because its new.
By willing to wait i would wait as far as summer and if its that godly maybe maybe October but that would be pushing it.

I am more lost on a Good Mother Board with ram.
Also i would like to Have a 1tb storage drive dont care to much what one just as to have one.
Then maybe 2 or 3 ssd or fast HDDs To run the following, XP , Win 7 Xandros 4.0 (optional)

Or if there may be another setup completely that would be better, i have seen those new amd 6 cores but heard over all the 2600k beats it out, but due to the fact i am running VM where each can have its own core and use all 6 to full as compared to most games only being able to use 2-4 it might be a good option.
Im not looking to redesign the wheel but get the most for my buck, i know running VM wares is not to normal when it comes to "gaming rigs" so some of the normal rules like max core usage dont come into play and maybe other things i dont yet know about.

So please if you have any advice on what i should build would be great.
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  1. You could try out the 1000$ build.

    You really don't need a 2600K for gaming, the 2500K is actually sufficient. The only reason for the i7 would probably for the more threads. Which would be more beneficial in the Video Editing or productivity department. Not the gaming department.

    i5 2500K vs i7 2600K

    At the bottom it shows the gaming performance and both perform pretty much the same. Which brings me to the point, I suggest you use my 1000$ build so you can swap out ALL the things in your build.
  2. WEll i understand that for single use gaming, the rigs main purpose is to run VM ware and as many as possible with xp running on all of them.
    I would like to be able to run 8 Vm wares at once. and i can set each Vm ware to use its own core or set of cores.
    This is not to be a standard gaming rig. its more along the lines as a multitasking system with gaming second.
  3. o.o Well I'm not sure what VM wares is but it seems the i7 2600K is necessary. You don't need a 750w it is overkill and overpriced. For you 500-600w is good enough. And I also suggest the 6850/6870 instead since you need most of your budget towards the CPU.
  4. Oh sry to the people who dont know what vm ware is
    Basically i run multiple os inside one os.
    That way macros and monitoring programs can run without locking up the pc or worry about someone bumping the mouse.
    The main thing is is this that type of situation where a quad core VS. Six core machine.
    Basically looking at the amd 6 core VS the intel quads.
    Been reading and i have never heard of any one stressing them using a program like VM ware.
  5. 1100T vs 2600K

    I honestly suggest just going with the 2600K if you need the CPU power. Personally I think the 2500K is sufficient with 4 threads, but if you reallly really need 8 then go with the i7.
  6. Okay so an nice update.
    I am going with the 2600 intel thats right not the 2600k as the k version lost its visualization support.
    So now i have been still looking at Motherboards.
    I have been looking at both the P67 and H67 boards.
    But im not 100% sure what one would be better.
    As im not getting the K version of my processor i dont think im am going to OC it.
    So besides the on board graphics whats do you guys think would be best?
    Like i stated before i will be adding a HD 4870 X2
    will i lose performance by using the different chip sets?
    I am looking to hook up 4 monitors so i thought i could use the my hd 4870 x2 for 2 monitors then the on board for the other 2.
    That way i would not have to buy a second gpu just so i could use 4 monitors.
  7. Quote:
    I am going with the 2600 intel thats right not the 2600k as the k version lost its visualization support.
    Not true. It only lost vt-d and you don't care about it if you use VMware Player. If you were using ESX that might be different, but then you wouldn't be gaming on that system.

    EDIT: To use it, vt-d also needs to be supported by the motherboard.,52213,
  8. GAHHH this is not getting any simpler...
    Okay so as far as using VMware player it will work the same across both versions...
    I dont plan on over clocking for at least a few years.
    Will there be any noticeable performance difference between the 2 or are they going to be to close to call?
  9. VirtualBox is able to use VT-d if the hardware properly supports it.
  10. Well i dont care what vm ware i use i just need one that will preform the best with the available hardware.
    I am looking to run 8 clients at a time wile still being able to use the machine for web and other small tasks.
    So new question
    Virtualbox plus +2600 vs VMware Player +2600k
    Any ideas to find what one will run better?
    I am hoping the difference between them wont be vast but i would like to get the most bang for my buck.
    This is my current build of the pc
  11. Drop the P67 board. Your not going to be able run the. integrated graphics through P67 you need an H67 board. As for HDDs you should get 60gb SATA 6 SSD coming next quarter. (Boasting 550 reads) pluss it'll boot faster for about the same price as your RE4. If you really want an hdd go for the Samsung F3 1tb cheaper and about the same.
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