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Is it okay to not use standoffs in this case?

my computer was my first build and didnt put any stand offs in
This is my case
This is my mobo

I ran it fine for aa week but my psu died on me is there anyway the mobo could of fried aswell from not having stand offs?

I read that some cases have small domes that act as stand offs i recall my case having little domes to screw into that hold the mobo from touching the back metal plate of the case. Is it okay to just leave it like that i think if i put in stand offs my mobo's usbs aand such will not fit in the cut out hole in the back of the case.
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  1. You should always use stand offs i believe that i was told the metal/aluminum touching the mobo can short circuit it and ruin it. Make sure the screws also aren't short circuiting your mobo and are put in correctly don't over tighten
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    Always use standoffs and screws properly. Period.
  3. I found this discussion on the same topic so i actually think im fine i also read that if it wasnt okay id smell the mobo frying and it wouldnt of lasted a whole week as it is thanks for the responses but i think my mobo is fine in the case.

    Good to know to aallways use stand offs tho i might not of got lucky with a case that had pre built stand offs in it next time i build a pc.
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