Two monitors, one of them stuck in power save mode

Recently i got Dell optiplex gx270 that model comes with integrated video card. So in addition to connect second monitor i put in NVIDIA Geforce mx 440 with VGa connection. So i installed drivers for both of those cards, and connected a monitor to each card, but only geforce turns on monitor, and monitor that i connect to integrated card shows that it is in "power save mode". What should i do :)?
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  1. Can anyone help its really important
  2. Plugging in a dedicated GPU will disable the on-board GPU. You will need to plug both monitors into the Nvidia card.
  3. Nvidia is 9 or more years old, and has only 1 VGAconnection, are there any possibilities to enable on board gpu ?
  4. This is the only thing I found (though I only looked for about 5 mins)

    If that doesn't work, then time to upgrade that GPU. There are plenty of cheap GPU's out there that will allow duel monitor outputs.
  5. Ty :), but do yuo have any idea how he made onboard card to the primary one ? i have been scanning all setings and bios for couple of hours and cant find any loop :)
  6. There should be a setting that says something along the lines of primary video output that you can change from PCI/PCI-e/etc. Look at your mobo's docs to find the where it 's located.
  7. You can't use your onboard video and the add-on video card simultaneously on those old 240/260/270/280 Dell's. Get a video card that has dual monitor support.
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