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I have a Dell Dimesion 2400 with on board video and a ATI card installed. The on board video was manually disabled when I installed the ATI card. I received a BSOD and the computer shutdown. When I restarted the computer, I could hear the hard drive spinning, the mouse light up, the keybord numlock lit up, but no display. I removed the ATI card and tried the on board video with no luck. I tried to reset the cmos by removing the cmos battery with no luck. What should be my next step?
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  1. Most likely the motherboard is dead. Find another motherboard for the computer or replace the PC.
  2. Hate to say it, but the above may be correct. You went through all the steps I would have done.
  3. Thank you for responding to my post. One test that I did not perform that was the culprit was swapping out the memory. 1gb sdram was bad, so I replaced it and the computer is running like nothing ever happened. Thanks again for you timely responses!!!!
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