Could i have damaged my CPU ?

When building my first computer around two ears ago i stupidly neglected to apply standoffs to the motherboard/case. As a result my motherboard burnt out after a year or so. I have since replaced the motherboard and the computer still runs, however at a much slower rate than before and is unable to run some basic games efficiently such as 'the sims', when before it could run 'crysis' on the highest settings. Could this indicate a problem with the cpu and could replacing my cpu bring my computer back up to speed ?
Thank you.
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  1. have you reinstalled windows yet, or did you just swap out the motherboard and reboot?
  2. Did you replace the Mobo with an identical model?
    post full specs as it is now and see what folks can sort for you :)
  3. I doubt your cpu is damaged, more likey an hdd/OS slowdown.

    As already suggested, generally mobo replacement= reinstallation of OS.
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