New rig, need help on psu. :)


I'm building and new gaming rig and all that is left is the psu.
My previous was a CM gx750 and it wasn't that great..
So yeah. Wanting to get a different unit and also need some advice if the 750w is enough.

The parts I have already at home waiting are:
-8gb ripjaws
-p8z68 v-pro
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    For a build with a single GTX580 a good 650W PSU will be enough.
    XFX 650W XXX Edition 80Plus Bronze Modular $89 ($20 rebate, $4 shipping)

    Lepa G700-MA 700W 80Plus Gold Modular $100 ($6 shipping)

    If you want to SLI them then you will need 850W and up.
    XFX 850W Core Edition 80Plus Bronze $120 ($20 rebate, $6 shipping)

    Lepa G900-MA 900W 80Plus Gold Modular $130 ($6 shipping)
  2. Thanks Silvune! :)
  3. The 580 is way too expensive for what it offers, better get a HD 6970. The factory overclocked ones are very close to the 580.
  4. What about 6990 for future proof?
  5. If you can crossfire/SLI, the future-proof factor is already there. CF/SLI scaling beyond 3 cards is pretty dismal, so 2 6990s might not be much better than 2 6970s.
  6. True
    Good point. :)
    Thanks for the advice!
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